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The Answers You Need


How much will I be charged?

Here at Rejoice Essential Publishing we offer affordable prices to help make the dream of becoming a publish Author a reality. Each book and package varies depending on illustrations, binding type, and page sizes. However we can get started to help impoverished authors with payments up to 50 installments.

How does the process work?

Once we accept your manuscript , we will send you a proposal. If you accept the proposal, send your first payment and we can get started with the production of the book. All payments must be made before the book goes into print.

What kind of earnings can I expect to earn?

You will earn a percentage off of the royalty of every book sold. Writing a book will not make your rich unless you had some sort of book deal or great reviews. In order to make revenue from your books, the authors needs to market the book. We encourage authors to do book signings and publicity events to draw attention to the book.

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