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Facing The Unknown

For a long time, the Lord has been speaking to me about moving, traveling, and doing some pretty amazing exploits for him. However, it seems at certain moments the opposite is true. The fact of the matter nothing was happening. This is where faith has to kick in. I just had to wait on the promises of the Lord to come to pass. Eventually when I least expected it, the prophetic promises started to manifest before my eyes. I could travel now because I was no longer on probation. I could move back home because the Lord favor me and my kids. I could teach the revelation the Lord placed in my spirit because I spent countless hours in his word and he placed a teaching grace upon me to help others understand the subject matter.

This is what happened for my upcoming online women’s conference. The Lord gave me amazing teaching for “I Need Help Becoming That Proverbs 31 Woman.”

Recently, I had to leave everything familiar and enter the zone of the unknown. The zone of the unknown is a zone where you can’t see past tomorrow. This is a zone where you have to cling on to God as never before and allow him to order your steps. This is the zone where you find yourself conquering unfamiliar territory. This is the zone where you have to die fully to yourself and embrace the new things God wants to do through you.

You will be amazed at how the Lord is enlarging your territory in the unknown zone. I had to give away expensive dishes, bedding, furniture, clothing, and shoes. I knew that wherever God is taking me that I had to part ways with these things and that I couldn’t take them with me. I had to have faith in God and face the unknown. Initially giving these things away sort of hurt me because of the memories attached to it. Suddenly, I began to have peace so I knew the Lord was with me and everything would work out. Peace is a good indication that God is working on your behalf.

I told myself that I am entering a new season and God will replace everything I gave away and more. This is what God did when the prophet Abraham left everything to follow after God. God made sure that Abraham prospered. I don’t know where I will get a house but I know the Lord promised me one. So, I just have to believe it, face the unknown, and allow the Lord to guide me. I have witnessed God bless people with homes and I was in awe of how my prophecy over their lives manifested. I know God can do it for me also. I realized that a lot of people are afraid of the unknown. They constantly worry about things that are out of their control. Maybe God is allowing his children to be in impossible situations so he can get the Glory. As I stepped out in faith and obeyed what I felt the Lord telling me, He supernaturally provided resources.

As I stepped in the unknown, doors began to open for me to travel and to minister in different places. I minster in July in Mississippi, September in North Carolina, and October in North Carolina again.

As I stepped into the unknown, the Lord began to give me favor with senior leaders. Whenever a person decides to step in the unknown, God can step in and guide their steps. This is a time where the Lord will refine some areas in your life and make things better.

The School Of The Prophets was pretty awesome when I did it last year but now it’s even better because we now have our own textbooks and more books to come for it.

In addition, the teaching is more in depth because I allowed the Lord to take me to the unknown zone and was open to what he was showing me in the word.

Facing the unknown zone can be scary, however, you can’t allow fear to block what God wants to do. To conquer the fear of the unknown it takes walking by blind faith. May the Lord increase your faith this season so all your heart’s desires will be manifested.

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