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The Power Of Writing

The last couple of weeks have been very fulfilling and productive for me. I received a shipment of my newest book, “School Of The Prophets: A Curriculum For Success.”

I have been busy shipping them out daily to people who preordered it. As I opened the book, I was enthusiastic. The layout of the elegant font, the amazing cover design, and awesome reviews had me in awe. It’s very rewarding to see it all come together. I had to give the Lord thanks for allowing me to write many books. It takes discipline. I found myself on many occasions pushing past the pain and frustration of the distractions and just getting the work done.

I discovered seven benefits of writing. The first is that writing is a great encouragement, not only to the writer but also to the reader. I get liberated by reading the books that I wrote.

When I feel emotional, I pick up, “Overcoming Emotions with Prayers.” When I feel like my faith is lacking, I read, “Walk by Faith: A Daily Devotional.” When I want to read a prophetic empowering word, I read, “Empowering The New Me: 50 Tips To Becoming A Godly Woman.” I written books on various subjects to fit my needs. I read my books and prayed the prayers in them countless times. Each time, I gained a greater understanding on how powerful the art of writing is. People’s lives are changed because of the writer’s obedience to write words that are edifying.

You may not have written a book or may not even have the desire to. However, you can start where you are. You can write words of affirmation on your social media networks.

Secondly, writing leaves a legacy. When we are dead and gone, what will we leave behind? Some people leave an inheritance for their family and many memories for them to hold on to. There are many generals of the faith who have passed on but they left the revelation they carried in books for the next generation. They made a choice to be persistent to the call and labored to get the writing done. You can tell a lot about a person just by reading their books. I want to leave behind a legacy of books, organizations, and businesses for my family and those connected to me.

Thirdly, writing is a form of impartation. The reader will gain valuable insight in a short amount of time that could’ve took the author years to acquire. When God first told me I was a prophet, I was clueless. I had to do my research. I studied the bible and I got books on the subject. I learned so much. Everyone around me thought I was crazy and I felt so misunderstood. As I read books from people who have gone through what I was experiencing, my life was forever impacted. When the Lord told me that I had a healing and deliverance ministry, I had to find more things out about it. The knowledge that I gained from reading books was immense.

Fourthly, writing helps me to reflect on written memories. I have been through many devastating things such as divorce, jail, shame, humiliation, slander, persecution, loss, etc. I wrote down how I felt at those moments. It resulted in the most anointed devotions and teachings that I have put forth. I went back recently and read my old journals. The love letters that I wrote to the Lord are simple beautiful. I have learned to write down my prophecies, dreams, and visions. Writing my memories down helps me to remind God of his promises. It also allows me to encourage myself during the trying times.

Fifthly, writing increases learning and awareness. When the Lord places the burden on my heart to write about a particular subject that I need insight on, I research. As I compile the research and format it all together, I am like an artist painting on an empty canvas. The words become sentences. The sentences become paragraphs. The paragraphs become chapters. Which results in a manuscript. In the process of writing, I am learning furthermore becoming a master on that subject matter. I never thought in a million years that I will have deep revelation on the prophetic and prayer. Writing has contributed to that. Writing helps it all stick together for me.

Next, writing increases my production for the day. I often determine how productive my day was by the amount I write. I try to write a chapter a day in one of my books. When I do that, I feel a sense of accomplishment. If I am not able to write my one chapter, then I schedule mini goals or deadlines to make up the writing that I missed. When I write daily, I have something to look back on. I am amazed at how fast the Lord allows me to write. I can sit down and write for hours. I write more than books. I write articles for my magazine, “Rejoice Essential.” I write up interviews, questions, curriculums, programs, and the list goes on. Every day, I am writing something.

Lastly, writing eliminate stress. I have told people numerous times, that when I feel emotional, I write. When I first entered the valley season, I wrote my first book, “Overcoming Difficult Life Experiences With Scriptures And Prayers.” This book started off as a blog and eventually I compiled it into a book. I wrote about all the painful experiences I had gone through in life and made it into something inspiring. I was ashamed to come forth and tell my testimony so I made up characters in the stories. The whole book is very creative and writing it helped me heal from the emotional baggage I was carrying.

I pray that you are inspired to write. Writing is bigger than you. It’s a daunting task at times but it’s very fulfilling. If you need a reminder, go to my website and look at all my books. You can achieve anything you put your mind on. My books started off just as ideas on a list. You can use my life as a testimony to keep pressing. So, in summary the benefits of writing are encouragement, leaving a legacy, impartation, written memories, increased learning, production, and eliminating stress.

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