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Are You Birthing Out something Great?

Sometimes we don’t understand why we have to go through the trials in life. It seems like when it rains, it pours. The storm goes from bad to worst. This is exactly what happened to me in 2014. That year was the worst year of my life. I was on my way to medical school to become a doctor and I made one bad mistake that cost me to lose everything. At the time, I couldn’t see anything good becoming of my life. However, God had a plan. I noticed as the trials intensify so did the power of God working through my life. I was like the children of Israel when they were in the wilderness. Their clothes and shoes never wore out neither did mines. I couldn’t buy clothes for me or my children for years yet our clothes remained intact. God feed them manna from heaven daily and the Lord always made sure that I had food in my house.

When Abraham needed a sacrifice, God provided a ram in the bush. When I was at my last and wanted to sow a seed, God made sure I had it. The list goes on and on. We can’t focus on only the bad things in the storm. We have to change our mindset and see the great things that God is doing in the midst of the valley season. I would have never discovered that I could write books quickly if I haven’t been through adversity. I written 13 books in three years! I would have never stepped out and created a magazine if I didn’t go through a wilderness season. Rejoice Essential Magazine is two years old! I wouldn’t be in the publishing industry if I didn’t hit rock bottom. I officially published, “Who Touched Me: My Journey To Jesus,” by Tron Moses and several upcoming books from other authors. God was birthing something great inside of me through all the pain.

Many people don’t know that I cried for days because of the struggles of life but I still had to do what I was called to do. You know that god is birthing something great in your life when the devil is attacking you on every side. Let’s talk about some indicators of greatness. You are destined for greatness when you obeyed God and failed at it the first time. The key for success is to get up, try again, and never quit. Here’s a transparent moment. I got so discouraged about writing books because I didn’t get the response that I desired. I wanted to get a huge contract from a publisher to write books for a living. It didn’t happen that way yet but I serve a Big God and He can do the impossible. Think big and watch God!

Another indicator of greatness, when people can see it when you aren’t able to. For instance, some people may be jealous of you and you don’t even have anything. They can see where you are going not where you are. Just embrace greatness and never lower your anointing to accommodate someone’s insecurity. I had leaders jealous of me for no apparent reason. I made a choice to be my all in God and get under the right leadership. Don’t allow that Saul spirit to hinder your growth in God.

The next indicator of greatness is when you get a word from God but the opposite is happening. The devil is resisting you. Don’t allow discouragement, weariness, distractions, etc. to stop your beliefs in the word of the Lord. Remember nothing worth having is easy. When you paid the price for something, you will value it more. Sometimes God gives things in seed form which means it’s just an idea for a business, book, product, etc. It’s up to you to step out in faith and run with it. That means do everything possible to make it happen. God will do the rest. He will send the people and the resources. It’s okay to build from the ground up. God is with you. You will conquer all. You will make it. You are birthing something great in the realm of the spirit that is going to manifest in the natural if you don’t quit. You are destined for greatness.

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