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It's Been Busy!

It’s been a busy couple of months. Let me update you. I finally moved into my new place way in the country. Let’s just say that I have cows in my back yard. I think that’s the coolest thing. It took me weeks to unpack and clean up my new home. I got married to my best friend. I can’t believe that I am a wife again! Tron and I have daily vlogs on our YouTube channel called, “ Team Moses Vlogs."

In addition, I got my children full time after years of having them part time. Every morning, I wake up at 5 am to take my children to school. That means at the end of the day, I am exhausted so I go to bed when the kids go to bed. I finished my new book, “Conquering the Mind: A Daily Devotional.” It will be released next month! I am also preparing to go to the Bahamas this weekend for the Glory Gathering Cruise. I know God will do the miraculous. I am super excited about the School of the Prophets next month in October located in Morrisville.

Exhale! How do I balance my new life compared to my old life?

I don’t want to neglect my obligation to fulfill my call as a prophet. Even though my wilderness season is officially over I still feel like I want more in life. I have a deep desire to do better. As I was studying for the women’s retreat that got cancel earlier this month, I received this teaching called, “Becoming A Better You.” Over the next several weeks, I want to empower you guys to become better.

The Hebrew word for become is ginoma.1 This word is an action word which means that it is something continuous. Our walk with God should always be in a continuous state to want to achieve more and to do better. This is how I am feeling. I preach, pray, prophesy, and work miracles but I want more of God’s presence in my life. Let’s look at the word become a little further. Its synonyms are emerged, transition from one point to another, a change of condition, movement, growth, accomplished, arise, formed, and proved. When we focus on all the synonyms that are listed it describes the majority of God’s children.

Some people may agree to disagree. Most of God’s children are in a state of transition. They are constantly evolving going from faith to faith and glory to glory. There is inner knowing that their constant state is not their final destination. It seems like most of us are waiting on God’s promises to manifest in our lives. We can’t give up or lose hope. Let’s look at a bible example of someone who waited on God. David was anointed way before he actually became King (1 Samuel 16). He had to BECOME over many trials and tribulation the King that God ordained him to be. Many of us have become who we are today by the things we have endured in life.

Let’s look at the word better. The word better means improvement, more effective, greater, more excellent manner, and to a higher degree. I always want to strive higher. I want to grow more in the Lord. I received seven strategies that are guaranteed to help God’s people to become better. They are being kingdom focus, take steps to grow spiritually, write down goals/make steps to achieve them, eat better/exercise, love on you, cut the negativity, and let it go. Each strategy is very detailed. We will discuss kingdom focused on the next blog. Remember when you find yourself with a lack of contentment, it’s time to strive higher!

1. Ginomai. Strong's Concordance. Accessed September 25, 2017

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