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We take our job here at Rejoice Essential Publishing very seriously. We are a team of professionals. We make our customers feel like they are involved in the process and not take over their work. We have skilled editors who edited each manuscript twice. We staff the best graphic designers to ensure each book cover is of a high caliber. Our ghostwriting services are perfect for those who have an idea for a book, but can't write it themselves. Turn your idea into a finished manuscript today!

Black & White Magazines


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Living Room Library


Reach the world with your books

Store Counter

Editing And Graphic Design

We will make sure you are satisfied with our services

Typing on a Computer

Ghost Writing

We can turn those ideas into a book

Sound Engineer

Audio Books

Audio Books Are Becoming More Popular

Little Music Fan

CDs of Your Audio Book

We can convert your audio book into a professional masterpiece

Checking Text on a Document

Writing Workshop

Our next training is April 14, 2018 from 9 to 5 pm

Don’t miss out on our latest announcements or any of our exciting media coverage.

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