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New Things

Many of you have been hearing the saying, “New Things.” I want to discuss all the new things that the Lord is doing in my life. Well blogging is my new thing. I want to blog to connect with readers. I love to write and I find it very therapeutic. I always wrote tons of articles, especially research papers in undergrad. I can recall writing twenty-five page articles in a short amount of time for my biology classes. I would just turn on the television and watch Lifetime all day as I typed away. Years later when I encountered a life crisis, I started writing intensely. Now, I have written thirteen books in three years. I even founded a magazine called, "Rejoice Essential."

I am amazed at what God has done in my life. One day I was laying on the couch praying to die. I heard the voice of the Lord. He said, “It’s not your time yet to die and you have work to do.” Immediately those words melted all the discouragement off me. Miraculously, I didn’t want to die anymore. So, I said, “Lord, you are right.” I logged on the computer and begin to write. Every time I felt like crying, I wrote another chapter in one of my books.

Vlogging is also another new thing that I am doing. I actually started doing it a few months ago unaware. One day, I ate a ton of sweets and felt so guilty. My mind began to ponder, “How many other people eat like I do but need the motivation to exercise?” I was talking to a close friend of mines and he suggested that I start doing exercise videos.

The world of vlogging began for me. I vlogged me going to the mall, cooking, shopping, washing my hair and hanging up with my friends and family. It’s fun. My pastor was amazed. He asked me, “How much time does it take to do that?” I told him not long. When I vlog, I don’t care about how I look. My hair has been so nappy at times but the people love to watch my life. Many people are encouraged and inspired by watching my life. I just vlog through my cell phone for now but one day, I know someone will bless me with a vlog camera.

Another new thing in my life is my relationship. I had giving up on love. Now I am about to get married! Yes, I am engaged to my best friend. I am in love and it feels good! We started off as friends and this man has seen me at my worst. Lol! Over time, we started developing feelings for one another. When I went home to the Carolinas in the month of March, he proposed. He met my family and they loved him. I met his family and they loved me. Just when I felt like I would never be happy or that I would stay single forever, then a relationship evolved. That’s God! My blessing was right under my nose. My fiancé tells me that I am beautiful every day and he listens and supports me. Now that’s a new thing! For a long time, I had low self-esteem but I allow God to heal my heart and he sent me a true man of God.

My ministry is experiencing some new things as well. This year is the first year where people are investing in me to travel to their churches to preach. I have a few prophetic conferences that I have to speak at the end of the year but haven’t announced it yet publicly. I waited years for the opportunity to speak and to travel and it’s amazing to see it all manifest. The Lord has me doing intense trainings and webinars. I love to teach. I can teach for hours. The Help! I am single and need help preparing for Boaz was such a great success. It was an online conference and we will have the replay available for purchase. I have developed prophetic training and I can teach on that for days. I have also developed a life changing workshop for women called “Help Me Become That Proverbs 31 woman”. My mind is bursting with new ideas. However, it seems like everything is drying up around me and that’s a big spiritual indication that it’s time to relocate. So, let’s talk about the move.

Currently, I am in the process of packing. I live on the 2nd floor of my apartment complex. It’s not easy to move by yourself. My good friend Vanessa and her husband said they will help me and I will gladly take them up on that offer. Last week, I was moving this heavy dresser set down the hall to throw it away. The elevator was broken so I knew I had to go down the stairs with it. I was struggling and I was praying that I wouldn’t hurt myself. Just at that moment, a man came out of nowhere and helped me carry the dresser down the stairs and to the trash dump. Moving by myself is a new thing for me. In the past, my ex would help me and my family. I decided to pack a little at a time and trust the Lord to replenish everything that I have to throw away.

Cooking new things and eating new things is currently what I am doing. After going through a divorce, I stopped cooking. I would just make ramen or baked tilapia. I had stopped making enchiladas, fried chicken, devil eggs, baked homemade macaroni and cheese, lasagna, eggplant parmesan, etc. I no longer made homemade meals. I would just cook French fries and chicken nuggets, hot dogs, nachos, and frozen pizzas for my kids and me. It wasn’t until last year where I decided to get up and do something good for myself. I went into the kitchen and cooked like I had a husband. I even joined a food group online! For thanksgiving, I made everything! Turkey, ham, dressing, potato salad, yams, etc. It took me forever to eat it. It was fun to do. I am looking forward to cooking for my new husband. We like to cook our home-made versions of chipotle. I hate to admit this but I started eating steak again. I went years without eating beef. I prefer vegetarian dishes but to make peace, I tried a little beef.

All new things aren’t bad things. I am embracing my new. I released

a book called, “Empowering The New Me:50 Tips To Becoming A Godly Women” in February 2017. It has blessed so many women. Here I am an ex-stripper preaching the gospel. Wow! Now that’s a new thing. I am no longer that sinful woman but a holy one. The Lord gave me so much

revelation that I will have a LIVE yearly women’s conference and two online women’s conferences from that book! Lastly, my newest book, “The School of The Prophets: A curriculum for success” will come out this month! I am so excited and looking forward to doing these new things.

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