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The Burden Of A Writer

Over the last few weeks, I have been so distracted by the trials in life. I was faced by the disappointment of certain deadlines not being met and I found myself withdrawing from the crowd. However, the one thing that I continued to do was write. Instead of complaining and feeling sorry for myself, I wrote. As I began to write, I started to feel a release. Everything that I was feeling over the last few weeks came out on paper. I was doing something that I am anointed to do. Writing is a special grace and I am very passionate about it. I have found that I write best when I feel emotional. When I feel lonely I can write copious amounts.

Sometimes we get caught up in our emotions and we forget that the picture is bigger than us. Our assignments which includes the books that are in our minds and hearts to write will impact the world. One book can change your life. I remember reading books on prayer a few years ago that had a drastic outcome. I gained strategy, revelation, and wisdom that I didn’t have before I read those books. I hear testimonies all the time of how my books have changed people’s life. Recently, I was talking to a future client who will get his book published through Rejoice Essential Publishing. He told me that as he went on consecration, he read my book, “Walk By Faith: A Daily Devotional” for thirty days and he was so blessed.

He also began to encourage me and let me know that the anointing on my life rubbed off on him. He said, “I could barely write a book when I met you. Originally, my whole manuscript was 5,000 words but you stretched me. After I took your writing workshop on April 8th, my chapters are now 5,000 words each. I can’t believe that I wrote three chapters in one day! That’s a huge accomplishment for me!” This testimony made me reflect on the true reason, why I do what I do. I love to help people. I want to raise up people who can do what I do but better.

I write because I love it. I love to build. I get excited when I complete new projects. I couldn’t quit if I wanted too. I am encouraging my client to write his second book because I can see so much potential in him. Yet, we will see. I decided that I will do a writing workshop annually.

People have asked me, “How did it all begin?” I started writing books in 2014. The Lord spoke to me to start a blog. The blog started out about me describing things that I was dealing with ranging from anxiety, anger, and unforgiveness, etc. The blog allowed me to encourage others not to fall into the same trap as me. Back then I was so afraid to tell the readers that the people in those stories was really me. I made up names and even changed the gender of the main characters in the stories. Those blogs turned into my first book, “Overcoming Difficult Life Experiences with Scriptures And Prayers”.

Then that blog site turned into a full website and it grew from there. The Lord began to give me new books and ideas as I remained faithful to the task. I could’ve quit when I felt discouraged when no one brought my books but I decided to keep on pressing.

I can recall a time where my book, “Overcoming Emotions With Prayer: A Guide To Faith” sat on the shelf for a year before it had its first sale. Talk about discouragement! I knew the value of the book so I refused to lower the price. Eventually, that book started selling. I believe the Lord gave me a book that was ahead of its time. It was ahead of what everyone else was doing. It just took a while for the people to catch up to what the Holy Spirit was doing through me. LOL! I have received testimonies of how that book prevented people from committing suicide and how they gained hope to hold on until they received the answer to their prayers.

The Lord initially gave me a list of twenty-one books to write and I am fourteen, fifteen, and sixteen books in. I am writing three books at once. One book is on the mind, and the other two are on the prophetic. It’s amazing to see how the doors are opening for me as I obey God. I have a few prophetic conferences at the end of the year. One of them is called “The Supernatural Birthing Of A Seer” located in North Carolina in the month of October.

I will have my new book, “The School Of The Prophets: A Curriculum For Success” there and hopefully my next book on the prophetic. I am ecstatic to have my own textbooks for my school of the prophets that I am relaunching in January 2018. There are only a few slots left for the three-month school. I am in a season where every day few days, the Lord gives me a new idea for a book or some type of program that I must build.

It looks like I will write more than twenty-one books and I am thrilled about that. It’s hard work and it takes a lot of discipline but it must be done. These books are bigger than me and they need to reach the nations. As you make the decision to write and have the right mind set you will be surprised at how much you can accomplish.

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